They should put these billboards everywhere

Have you seen the billboard promoting rubbers on the 10 Freeway? Yeah, kind of clever and, hey, what a great message. Right? Well, because of course, not everyone sees it that way.

In a segment on KMIR, a resident says, “I don’t think it’s in very good taste. I think something like that is a little more private and should be done in a more private way. I don’t think we need to advertise that, especially on a major highway.”

Yes. Please, from now on, only put billboards promoting safe sex only in private places.

Another person from the segment, which is below, claims that the billboard, “exposes small children to the language of sexuality, that is really best left for them to discover through their own rights of passage in a more organic fashion.”

You know, a right of passage like not using a condom and getting The Clap.

The billboard promotes – which is run by the Aids Healthcare Foundation, who state on the site:

Condoms are one of the most common, inexpensive and accessible ways to prevent not only HIV but also many other sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). That’s why AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has been promoting them for nearly 25 years. The organization has numerous campaigns that all promote the same clear message— If you’re having sex, you need to use a condom, consistently—every time.

Last year, CNN reported that STD rates reached record highs in the United States.  Let’s put these billboards everywhere.

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