Here is video of Dodgers OF Yasiel Puig getting in a bar fight

Update: TMZ has retracted their story. 

Dodgers outfield Yasiel Puig is under investigation by Major league Baseball for his role in a November 25th fight outside a Miami bar.  TMZ Sports obtained footage, because they always get their hands on these things.

Neither Puig nor the bouncer pressed charges, but Puig reportedly was left with a swollen eye. TMZ:

Several staffers previously told us Puig got into a heated dispute with his sister and pushed her — and that’s when employees rushed in and escorted Puig out.

For his part, Puig swears he never touched his sister and insists the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding.

Cops investigated the incident — and watched the footage — but ultimately concluded it was mutual combat and didn’t press charges on anyone.