PSP to offer more flights to Canada, but still no reasonable flights to Las Vegas

Oh joy. Palm Springs International Airport has added more flights to and from Canada. Now if only there was a flight, any flight, that made sense financially and geographically for locals of the Coachella Valley.

Air Canada will begin flights to and from Toronto beginning in the fall, reports the Desert Sun.  A quick check to the air carrier’s website shows a round trip from Toronto to Palm Springs from December 18 – 24 can be had  for a little over $800.

Sure, tourism is important.  But can locals have something?  Anything?

The lowest price found for a roundtrip from Palm Springs to Vegas on Orbitz for the same days came in at $336 and included a flight with a layover in Phoenix pushing total travel time to nearly 5 hours – or more time than it would take to just drive there.

For comparison, a Southwest flight from Ontario to Vegas is less than an hour and a round trip ticket can be had for less than $180 in October (which was the latest time available to see fares online).

Meanwhile, Palm Springs is still paying out a ton of cash to figure out why locals do not use the airport.  Money well spent.

“Flying into Palm Springs is like no place else, with an open-air airport, stunning mountain vistas, year round sunshine and gorgeous weather, you immediately feel the relaxed vibe and warmth of the surroundings.”  Mary Jo Ginther, director of Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, said in a statement.

Guess us locals will just have to take her word for it as we spend our time at Ontario or LAX.