PSP adds route to Everett, Washington (yet still no flights to Las Vegas)

Beginning in November, Alaska Airlines is adding a new flight into Palm Springs International Airport which should allow even more snowbirds a chance to warm up from the cold temps of the Pacific Northwest in the fall and allow those who live full-time in the Coachella Valley a chance to visit Everett, Washington – the largest city in Snohomish County, home to Boeing, and, ummm, well, thank God Seattle is only 25 miles away.

“Hands down, Palm Springs was number one on our guests’ wish list for the next destination from Paine Field,” said Noelle Fredrickson, general manager of network planning and strategy for Alaska Airlines in a blog post. “After three months of flying at Everett, we thought this was a good time to make adjustments to improve the flying experiences for our guests. And hopefully make some people really happy.”

Well, that’s nice. I didn’t realize Alaska was taking suggestions, but since they are: could you add a direct flight from Palm Springs to Las Vegas please.