bunny dog

Back in August, social media in The Coachella Valley got fired up after hearing how Bunny the pit bull was stolen from The Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

Luckily, Bunny was found – but Richard Whitehead, the man responsible for taking the puppy told KESQ that everyone has it all wrong.

“They had it wrong, and they should have investigated things further than they did.”

Whitehead says he carried the dog in plain sight past the front desk and out of the building, which we’re told was quite busy that day.

He also claims he took the dog after paying money to someone he thought worked for the shelter.

“Its going to cost you 80 bucks. I said is that the best you can do? He said well, you know we can work this out, what is called the DL, the down low. Give me 40 dollars, and you can walk out with the dog with no paperwork,” said Whitehead as he described the conversation with the man.

Sooooooo, yeah….ummmm, might be a good idea not to trust some random dude who will sell you a shelter dog for half price “on the down low”.


Bunny has since been adopted by a loving family – and we can only assume the adoption was not on the DL.

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