Moon Palm Springs mayor

Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon, who had publicly called for  the city to host a special meeting to discuss transitioning to a new city manager due to that whole #PouGhazi FBI raid thing, is now totally ok with not firing anyone.  What a mayor!  What a city!!

The Palm Springs City Council, who had previously told Moon to kindly STFU,  voted unanimously to keep City Manager David Ready, who has no problem signing off on the city giving city money to anyone and everyone, in his position on Wednesday night, with the Mayor making a statement on the matter:

“We continue to have confidence in our City Manager’s ability to run our City and will conduct a full review at the regular time that the Council reviews the City Manager in July.”

The biggest surprise of the night was not the mayor changing his tune, rather a certain fashion accessory worn by some in the crowd, via KESQ:

Supporters wore stickers reading ‘I heart David Ready.’ Some of them have business next to the downtown redevelopment project.

Seems like something that average, everyday citizens of the city would do.


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