Proposed California law could make your junk mail a thing of the past

It’s honestly a surprise anytime there is anything in my mailbox that is not a bill or some terrible circular that immediately ends up in my recycle bin. If you are like me and would rather not have your mailbox flooded with garbage, you are in luck as a California lawmaker is hoping to get rid of it forever.

Assemblyman Marc Steinorth, Republican out of Rancho Cucamonga, has proposed Assembly Bill 2021, which would add addresses to phone numbers to a California Do Not Call List, reports the Sacramento Bee.

“It is time California takes responsibility for the privacy of our residents,” said Steinorth, who represents parts of the Inland Empire. “AB 2021 will create the California Do Not Contact List, allowing California residents to include their phone number and mail address on the list of consumers that solicitors may not contact without prior permission.”

There would be a few exceptions,¬†including small-business owners contacting local customers, charities, and, this one is a bummer, creditors seeking to collect debt and sellers that have established relationships with their customers.¬† But hey, at least those dozen or so grocery store ads wouldn’t be flooding your mailbox anymore.

The law would allow people to sign up to no longer receive mailers without their prior permission or some sort o business relationship. The California Attorney General would then instigate and enforce violations.