Product Defeats Your Lack of Self Control with Time Lock for Snacks


You would love to drop a few pounds – but man, those Oreos are just so damn tempting!! They are just sitting there out in the open just waiting to be eaten. You shouldn’t though…oh maybe just one….oh screw it, now you are already eating them so might as well just eat the whole damn bag!!

If you find yourself in a never ending battle with snacks, there is now a product that will help with your cravings: The Kitchen Safe.

Originally seen on “Shark Tank”, the working principle behind Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Containeris pretty simple – stash whatever you do not want to be tempted with inside, set a timed lock, and seal.


The sturdy plastic container can be used for cookies, snacks, treats and anything else you may want to have locked away from your lack of self-control like credit cards, video games, your cell phone*, and more.

(*note: how fun to will it be to tell everyone you missed their call because your phone was “locked up”)

There is no override switch on the Kitchen Safe – so once you lock it up, you can not get in…well, without a sledge hammer anyway.

The timer can be set from 1 minute to 10 days and the the product is currently rated 5 stars on Amazon.

The Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Container sells for $54.95.