You should probably double check if you have family in Menifee

(NBC 4)

Menifee, a town chock full of old people lounging in Sun City that you blow past on your way to slurp down wine in Temecula, is now home to the winner of the 10th largest lottery price in U.S. history. Just a reminder that yes, you should call your grandparents more often.

The $447.8 million jackpot had its winning ticket sold at Marietta Liquor & Deli – whose owner, Matthew Alberre, takes home a million dollar bonus for selling the ticket – not too bad for pushing a couple of buttons.

“When I heard it on the news last night, I was like, ‘Marietta Liquor, Are you kidding me?’”  Dean Castle, 72, who has bought lottery tickets at the store for 17 years told the Press Enterprise. “What a feeling. It’s like lightning striking. I’m so thrilled for those people that own the store.”

As NBC 4 notes, the odds of winning Saturday’s drawing were one in 292.2 million.

Today is the first day the winner can come forward and collect their prize and, considering the average age of Sun City residents, they shouldn’t wait too long.

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