‘Desert Trip’ tickets are selling for much cheaper on StubHub these days

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

Panic set in quickly back in May when Desert Trip, a 3-day music festival your dad just won’t shut up about, sold out in a matter of hours. Even before the event went on sale, scalpers…errr, I mean ticket resellers…were selling general admission passes for nearly a thousand dollars over face value and, of course, right after tickets went on sale, you could find them available on all parts of the internet being sold for a hefty price.  Hopefully, you did not pay that much for tickets – as it seems that tickets are quite a bit cheaper now.

A check to StubHub today showed that Weekend 1 general admission passes could be had for $490 – still above face value of $399 – but far cheaper than what the lowest price was on StubHub on June 6 – which was $652. A general admission 3-day pass for weekend 2 can be had even cheaper, with some available for $460 – down from $539, which was the lowest price available last month.

And it is not just general admission. Standing pit prices have dropped too. The $1,599 tickets are currently selling for $2,150 (weekend 1) and $1,999 – down from $2,399 and $2,695 last month on StubHub.

Of course, this is in no way a call for you to buy your tickets from a reseller – because they mostly are greedy assholes who will hopefully end up losing their asses on the tickets – and yes, this is not the most scientific way to track prices, but Cactus Hugs will keep an eye on re-sell prices over the next few weeks for those of you who might be waiting for the right moment to pounce on some wristbands.

You can check out the Ticket Tracker here.