This is a pretty smart thing to do just in case you lose your phone at Coachella

Losing your phone at Coachella would suck and, despite everyone’s best efforts, every year hundreds of people do just that.  But, thanks to someone much smarter and nicer than I am, you may have a good chance of getting your lost phone back.

Redditor sangriaraptor created the image below hat you can customize with your friend’s name and number and set as your lock screen.

Note: other Redditors suggested using Snapchat or the markup option in Photos on iOS to add the necessary info


Solid idea, yeah?

They explained how it all works:

I make this for every festival I go to. It has helped my friends and I get our phones back a few times.

Save the image and add in your name, your friend’s name and friend’s phone number. Then make the image your phone’s lock screen so if you lose your phone the person who finds it or lost & found could hopefully get it back to you quickly.

It is a really solid idea and props to sangriaraptor for sharing.

You can download the file and check out more in the Reddit thread here.

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