Postmates Will Bring You Free Wings this Weekend in The Coachella Valley

Postmates Wings

Postmates just keeps bringing the yummy promotional goodness right to your door.

The courier service, which recently launched in the Greater Palm Springs, follows its free ice cream, Chipotle, and pizza promotions with free wings!

Now through Sunday, Find the Postmates Free Wings On-Demand store (hint: it is here) anytime from 12pm-8pm on their website or app. You can choose BBQ, Hot, Buffalo, or have your Postmate pick the flavor for you. The wings are free, you just pay for delivery (and you can take $10 off delivery with this code: tnys1)

Note: at the time of this posting, Postmates is also delivering free Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes in the same time of promotion. 

Postmates will deliver all kinds of food, ice cream, even batteries to your house. If you are curious how Postmates works, check out this article.