Police say man posed as tree trimmer to divert attention from second man breaking into house

(Redlands Police)

Police say a man posed as a tree trimmer to distract a homeowner while a second man broke into the house and stole several items.

About 2 pm on Thursday, a man showed up to a house on Via Vista Drive and and told the owner of the house he was a tree trimmer. Police say he diverted the attention of the victim away from the house while an accomplice went in and took jewelry and Christmas decorations, reports the Press Enterprise.

Both men then left in a dark SUV.

The man who posed as a tree trimmer is described as Hispanic, about 30 years old, about 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighing around 140 pounds. There was no description of the other man.

Anyone with info should call he Redlands Police Department at 909-798-7681.

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