Police looking for grandmother who allegedly stabbed 2 grandkids, daughter in Colton

Police are looking for a woman who they say killed her six-month-old granddaughter and injured her daughter and another granddaughter Monday morning in Colton.

Police are “aggressively looking” for the suspect, Nicole Darrington Clark, 43, reports the Press Enterprise. She is described as a black woman, about 5-foot-9 and 200 pounds, who may be driving a black four-door 2103 Hyundai Sonata.

(Colton Police)

The women all lived together at an apartment on East San Antonia Drive, where the stabbing took place at 9 am.

“The grandma was right behind her, literally coming down the stairs with the bloody knife in her hand, trying to finish the job. I said, ‘You’re mother did this? And she said, ‘Yes, she’s bipolar schizophrenic.’ And she said, ‘Go get my babies,'” neighbor Tom Hill told ABC 7. “I looked and I seen, literally, six stabbing marks on the child’s back and the child was sitting there, lifeless, and it was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

The mother and her daughter were hospitalized and, according to the Sun, are stable.

The newspaper reports that this is not the first time Clark has tried to kill her family. In 2005, she stabbed her son and pushed her daughter out of a moving minivan on a West Covina Freeway. The children were 14 and 10 at the time.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder but was ruled insane and sent to a mental hospital. It has not been reported why or when she was released.

Update: Clark has been taken into custody.