Police investigating vandalism at Congressman Raul Ruiz’s Palm Desert office

Congressman Raul Ruiz’s Palm Desert office was vandalized on Monday night, according to a statement from his office.

The statement (via KESQ):

“Last night, two windows in Dr. Ruiz’s Congressional office were broken by rocks thrown approximately 20 minutes apart. We don’t yet know whether there was more than one person involved. The police were immediately notified. They are investigating the incident and reviewing video from security cameras. Dr. Ruiz is relieved that nobody was hurt in the incident, and is grateful to police for their prompt response. We do not yet know what the vandal’s motive was,” said Hernan Quintas, a spokesman for Dr. Ruiz.

There were no other details released.

This is the second time this month a local politicians office has been involved in a crime.  Earlier in January, someone stole soft drinks, sandwiches, creamer, and a car from State Senator Jeff Stone’s Indio office.

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