Police investigating robbery at Rancho Mirage bank

The Riverside County Sheriff’s department is investigating a robbery that happened Monday morning at a Rancho Mirage bank.

Police were called a little after 9 am to the bank on Bob Hope Drive for a suspected armed robbery, according to KESQ.

Multiple people have told Cactus Hugs that the River in Rancho Mirage and surrounding businesses have been closed while deputies search the area for a suspect.

According to KMIR, business were allowed to reopen at about noon, even though no suspect was detained.

The suspect has only been described as an adult male.


  1. Casey, Love your site.,…..I was told there was a mugging of a woman at agua caliente casino in an uncovred parkinglot tonight…Have you heard any reports of this?

  2. I didn’t realize my comment would be publicly posted. I think it’s in the best interest of you & the casino, to remove the comment publicly, until three are some facts to verify this.
    Thank you

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