Police Continue Search for LA Man Who Went Missing in Palm Desert

missing man palm desert

missing man palm desert
Authorities continue to search The Coachella Valley for a Los Angeles man who went missing late Thursday night.

33-year-old Omar Arce Meza, who was in town for a business trip, was last seen at The Marriott Desert Springs on Thursday. The Los Angeles Times spoke to his wife:

His wife, Diane Meza, told the Los Angeles Times that she spoke with him around 11:20 p.m. while he was at the Marriott. He was about to return to his hotel nearby and said he’d call her from his hotel room to say goodnight.

“But I never got that call, and I already fell asleep,” she said.

His credit card transactions stopped at the hotel. Security footage showed him exiting the hotel on foot, but cameras lost him near an on-site parking lot, she said.

Security cameras captured Meza leaving the hotel and heading into a parking lot. KESQ reports that police found Meza’s jacket and wallet on the resort’s golf course where dive teams were seen searching Monday morning:

Diane Meza told KESQ that her husband may be suffering from memory loss:

“In March of 2013, we were in a car accident quite some time ago he did suffer memory loss and long term damage. That’s my theory and what i’m holding onto that he suffered trauma and doesn’t know who he is,” she said with hope.

Anyone with information is asked to call (760) 836-1600.