The police were called to Taco Bell because they ran out of mild sauce packets

(Taco Bell)

What is your favorite Taco Bell sauce? Hot? Mild? Diablo? Whatever you answered is wrong, since the correct answer is Del Scorcho which can be found down the street at Del Taco. But that’s not the point here. Rather, the point is everyone has the favorite and if Taco Bell runs out, well, chaos. Pure chaos.

That’s what happened recently at a Taco Bell in Ohio when a woman at the drive-thru was told that they were out of mild sauce, according to News 5.

She, understandably, was upset. She then decided to do something about it by holding up the drive-thru to complain, leaving several cars stuck waiting for their Triple Double Crunch Wraps.

Employees called police and when they arrived she told them she was upset that Taco Bell did not give her the meal for half-price due to the stocking issue. Police told her it would probably be best to come back the next day and speak to a manger.

She did and there is no word if she came back the next day to complain.

Let this be a lesson to grab as many packets as you can next time you are at Taco Bell and keep them in the box of the hundreds you already have next to your fridge.