Police: CA woman fell 15 floors down laundry chute at The D Las Vegas

The D laundry chute death

Police have ended their investigation of an incident involving a California woman whose body was found at the bottom of The D Las Vegas’ laundry chute early Sunday morning.

The woman, Kalli Medina-Brown fell 15 floors, reports the Las Vegas Journal. Medina-Brown, 26 of Citrus Heights, was in Las Vegas to celebrate her 27th birthday with her husband.

Police were called to the location about 2:40 a.m. reports The Las Vegas Sun.   Someone reported she had a medical episode, according to The Daily Mail, and fell down the chute – but police were called to the scene after the circumstances of her death seemed “suspicious”.

Monday, Las Vegas Police said Medina-Brown had fallen from the hotel’s 18th floor to the third-floor laundry collection area and that they had finished their investigation.

“At this time, there is no indication or evidence which would suggest the decedent was a victim of a homicide or any other crime and therefore our investigation is complete,” Metro wrote in a release Tuesday.

Police are no longer investigating the death, the department wrote.