Please, Stop Making The Palm Springs Buzz So Lame

Let me just start by saying that, overall, I think The Buzz shuttle in Palm Springs is a pretty cool thing. Anything that will transport locals, tourists, and act as a free booze cruise for me and my friends is great. So will you please stop it with the dumb, unnecessary, and really lame promotions!

According to The Desert Sun, the shuttle bus has some sort of contest going on:

Did you know that it is possible to win lunch for two at Spencer’s just by riding the Buzz. That’s what Billy Bones won for the being the top rider in February. Michael Priegel was the top rider in January and he won Carnival Cabaret tickets and dinner for two at Oscar’s Cafe & Bar — a $150 value.

Hey you know what? These people already won something: a free ride. They paid nothing for it. Zero! Zilch!  Nada!!!  If that is not enough to make people happy, then fuck them. Do not try to woo people with a free ride and prizes. That just screams desperation like someone buying friends (or someone putting on a rock concert on a Sun Bus).

And that is not the only thing a writer for a newspaper read in a newsletter:

What else did I learn in the newsletter? You can ride the Buzz with your pet at your side as long as the dog is is well-trained and won’t freak out if another dog comes aboard.

Oh joy.  The whole way from ACE to Bootlegger Tiki, I can have someone’s dog hump my leg and piss all over the bus – and all because their prize-pig owner is riding around non-stop in hopes of “winning” dinner and show tickets.

The Palm Springs Buzz should be a cool thing.  Hell, it is a free ride around town.  It is a free air conditioned ride around town!!!   That alone should be enough for people – and if it is not,  then Palm Springs doesn’t deserve The Buzz.