Please stop screwing over the West Coast, TV Networks


You know the great thing about watching sports? You can watch a game and freely communicate with your friends online about it, no matter where they are. Why? Because sports are broadcast live – which is great (except for the Olympics, which reminds me: screw you, NBC). You know what is not great?  Having to turn my phone off for 3 hours so I don’t see a tweet from someone in New Jersey ruining the Walking Dead season premiere for me.  This seems like an easy fix.

In the age of Netflix, delaying a show for a certain portion of the country makes no sense anymore. HBO gets this. They release Game of Thrones and Westworld at the same time for everyone. But not AMC, oh no.  They want to make sure that those living in Palm Springs have to hide under a rock for 3 hours so as not to have a Facebook friend in Georgia post about who lives and who dies on TWD.

And I am not alone in feeling this way:

Luckily, for all of us: East Coasters are pretty nice about the whole “spoiler” thing:

Thanks so much for caring, fella.

AMC, and all networks, can fix this pretty easily.  Just show your programs live to everyone.  In 2016, it is just the only way that makes any sense.

Update: Based on your comments, Apparently Dish Network offers an east coast feed for West Coast subscribers.  If they can do it, everyone can do it