Please do not like, share, and comment on this Facebook post



As Desert Trip nears, every radio station in town is doing the exact same contest (here and here for example) on their Facebook pages to giveaway tickets – because radio is super creative nowadays. Sure, winning tickets to see McCartney and the Stones would be great – but bombarding your friend’s timeline with these posts is more annoying than your uncle’s constant posting of Hillary Clinton private email server memes.

Besides, remember when winning a prize meant knowing a trivia answer or, at the very least, having some sort of phone dialing skills?  Not anymore, just like, comment, and then annoy everyone you are friends with on Facebook by sharing the radio station’s lazy post.

Television gets this*. Drew Carey doesn’t ask contestants to like, comment, and share – he demands they “come on down” and know the prices of a bunch of weird and mostly useless shit in order to win a new hot tub which will work out perfectly for you and your rented upstairs apartment.

And while I can not ask you to not share those other posts, I can demand that you not like, comment or share this one.

Not that you were going to do that anyway – and hey, the way ticket prices are dropping, resellers will probably be selling Desert Trip tickets for just a couple of bucks any day now.

*Update: Television does not get this.  Dammit.