Best Pizza in Palm Springs | 10 places to get a tasty slice in the desert

Because who doesn’t love a good slice or two from time to time? If you are looking for the best pizza in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and the Coachella Valley, these are the ten best places to go.

Listed in no particular order.

Bill’s Pizza

A pizza and beer served at Bill's Pizza in Palm Springs, California
(Instagram: @tkopka)

A local’s favorite, Bill’s Pizza offers up salads, slices and some of the best pizza in Palm Springs and Palm Desert with offerings like:

  • The Elton John: Garlic infused olive oil sauce, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, cooked spinach, red onions & four cheese plus feta
  • The Charlie Sheen: Red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, smoked bacon, chorizo, meat balls, shaved asiago, and Tiger’s sauce
  • Bill’s Favorite: Bill’s sauce – pesto & red, pepperoni, salami, sicilian sausage, onion, & tomato

Both the Palm Desert and downtown Palm Springs locations of Bill’s Pizza offer wine and beer – with a special on Mondays that offers diners cheap beers with the purchase of food.

Bill’s Pizza, 119 S. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, (760) 325-5571 / 73196 Highway 111, Palm Desert, (760) 834-8476

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Upper Crust Pizza

A Club Pizza, cheese bread, wine, and beer at Upper Crust Pizza in Cathedral City, California
(Facebook / Upper Crust Pizza)

Upper Crust makes their dough fresh everyday and have been blending their own Mozzarella Cheese for over 20 years.  The popular Cathedral City restaurant’s menu includes salads, wings, lunch specials, and traditional pizzas and original offerings like The Garlic Delight and the Club Pizza – with turkey breast, lettuce, mayo, tomatoes, and bacon.

Upper Crust Pizza, 67555 East Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City, (760) 321-2583

Alps Village

A pizza from Alps Village German restaurant in Palm Desert, California

But wait.  This isn’t a traditional pizza place, you say.  Who cares?  This German eatery in North Palm Desert offers more than just pretzels, bratwurst, and schnitzel – they also have a selection of really delicious European pizzas – some of the best you will find in the Coachella Valley – that you can enjoy while sipping on a nice selection of German beers on tap.

Alps Village, 77734 Country Club Drive, Palm Desert, (760) 200-5400

Pizzeria Villagio Italian Kitchen

Pizza and beer from Pizzeria Villagio Italian Kitchen in Palm Desert, California
(Instagram / Pizzeria Villagio)

Since opening in 2011, this Palm Desert spot has been cooling up authentic Italian classics and Neapolitan-style pizzas in a neighborhood kitchen setting where you can watch their chefs create your pizza right before your eyes.  Choose from specialties like the margherita, the New Yorker (Italian sausage, mushroom, pancetta, artichoke, roasted garlic), a Hawaiian, and more.

Pizzeria Villagio Italian Kitchen, 37029 Cook Street, Palm Desert, (760) 779-5050

Stuft Pizza Bar and Grill

A bunch of people grab for a slice of pizza from Stuft Pizza in Palm Desert and La Quinta
(Stuft Pizza)

Home of quite arguably, the best happy hour in the Coachella Valley, Stuft Pizza’s two locations in Palm Desert and La Quinta have an extensive menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, entrees, and, of course, pizza.  You can go with a traditional choice or try one of their more unique pies like:

  • The South of the Border: Pizza sauce, beans, chicken, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, bell Peppers, black olives, and jalapeños – then topped with cold lettuce and sour cream
  • The Mediterranean: grilled chicken, pesto sauce, spinach, artichokes, Kalamata olives, caramelized onions and mozzarella
  • Indian Curry And Ground Lamb Pizza: ground lamb, spices, roasted red Peppers, caramelized onions, mozzarella and goat cheeses.

For those looking to enjoy a pizza on their own, Stuft has a personal pizza lunch special for $9 that includes a drink.

Stuft Pizza Bar and Grill, 72840 Highway 111, Palm Desert (Westfield Palm Desert Mall) (760) 610-7990 / 78015 Main Street, La Quinta, (760) 777-9989

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A Pieology pizza, tater tots, and wings at the Rancho Mirage, California location

Those without much time on their hands, but who are looking to enjoy a pizza should look no further than the Rancho Mirage Pieology.  Sure, there are a ton of fast casual pizza spots these days, but at this place, not only can you get a fast fired pizza with your choice of toppings, they are also always trying out new things for the entire franchise with items like wings, desserts, and even tater tots!

Pieology, 42500 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage (760) 674-7117


Spaghetteria pizza from the Palm Springs restaurant
(Instagram: @vermontskier)

This spot found on the northern edge of Palm Springs has a very nice 4.5 out of 5 average after over 300 reviews on Yelp and a menu filled with stuffed pasta, baked dishes, salads, hot sandwiches, and a nice selection of New York-style pizzas and calzones.  The dining room is nothing fancy, but then the prices won’t break your bank.

Spaghetteria, 611 S Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, (760) 322-7647

Polo Pizza Company

A couple of pizza offerings from Polo Pizza at the same spot as Coachella and stagecoach in Indio, California

When the Empire Polo Club is not hosting Coachella and Stagecoach, they’re serving up some good pizza at Polo Pizza Company.  Located next to the Tack Room Tavern, Polo Pizza offers hand-tossed, gourmet pizzas, unique appetizers and fresh salads.  You can watch them make your pizza while at the bar or have slice along with a craft beer or cocktail on the large patio.

Polo Pizza Co., 81-900 Avenue 51, Indio, (760) 698-8483

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Giuseppe’s Pizzeria

a Chicago pan style pizza from Giuseppe's Pizzeria in Palm Springs
(Facebook: Giuseppe’s)

Giuseppe’s specialized in Chicago-style pan pizzas, but you can also opt for a traditional hand-tossed pie in addition to a menu full of salads, classic Italian fare, and, for lunch, there’s Italian beef sandwiches and Chicago hot dogs.  But, since we are talking pizza here, you can grab a personal pan pizza or head out with plenty of friends and get a large pizza or sausage that feeds four.

Giuseppe’s Pizzeria, 1775 E Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, (760) 537-1890

Billy Q’s

Billy Q's Pizza - one of the best places for a slice in Palm Desert
(Instagram: @malio_g1)

The Palm Desert spot has both traditional and sourdough crust and a huge offering classic pizzas as well as unique offerings like:

  • Mo’s Mac & Cheese: cheddar and Velveeta combined with macaroni and hickory smoked bacon
  • GQ’s Pastrami: Pastrami, mayo, mustard, pickles, tomatoes, swiss and mozzarella cheeses
  • Thai Chicken: Chicken, shredded carrots, green onions, cilantro, and a homemade Thai sauce

There are also plenty of appetizers on the menu plus pasta, salads, and sandwiches.

Billy Q’s, 36901 Cook St, Palm Desert, (760) 404-0681

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Enjoy the best pizza in Palm Springs!