Photos: The Trident Missile launch as seen from The Salton Sea is stunning

Salton Sea Light in Sky
(Porter Tinsley with permission)

Sure, you have seen way too many photos of that light in the sky from Saturday night – but, you might want to take the time to look at just a couple more shot from Bombay Beach because they are really stunning.

Photographer Porter Tinsley captured the missile launch in several photos that, when put together as a time lapse…well, words can not really do it justice.

Check it out:

Porter writes about the experience of seeing and capturing the images:

When it exploded and kept expanding, I realized it wasn’t a plane on fire but thought there was a good chance that a chemical or nuclear weapon had detonated over Los Angeles/Southern California. All I could do was stand there and realize life as I knew it could be over in a few minutes. So I did what anyone else would do. I took pictures of it.

The first few frames of the initial “white” explosion/blast/whatever are missing because for the life of me as I watched what I thought was maybe the end of the world, I forgot entirely how to use my camera.


(Porter Tinsley with permission)
(Porter Tinsley with permission)

Head over to Porter’s website to see all of the spectacular photos.