Big Bear has gotten more snow than they know what to do with this winter. And while those who live in the mountains are busy shoveling, we can all kick back and look at how damn pretty everything is.

As The Grizzly reports, up to 16 inches of snow fell yesterday. Check out some of the best photos:

Winter wonderland in #bigbear #bigbearnow #winterinthemountains

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Lookin real good up here in Big Bear! #SummitStyle #BigBear #BigBearLake

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Big bear

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Magical. #snow #mountainlife #longweekend #bigbear #cabin

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If you are planning on going up to the mountains to enjoy all of the fresh powder, just know that you are not alone (and there are chain restrictions in place).

Long wait. … #bigbear #noneedforchains #calilife #snowboarding

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  1. What would be nice is to see (probably not so much for the residents up there) is a return to the days when there would be between 2 and 4 feet of snow on the ground before Thanksgiving up there. I remember as a kid spending thanksgiving up there and having to park in a neighbors driveway (we lived on a dirt road which goes unplowed) and then walk all the way into our cabin. Had fun building snow forts and having snowball fights with the neighborhood kids. Was great times. Would be great to see Big Bear Lake full again and even water in Lake Baldwin which has been empty for decades now.

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