Couple Found Passed Out On Golf Course Overnight in La Quinta

Buying a home at La Quinta’s PGA West comes with a membership  that gives you access to 6 golf courses, 3 clubhouses, and now the possibility of a drunken couple  passing out on your lawn in the middle of the night!

Authorities were initially called to PGA West after 2am Monday morning after a woman was found passed out on the golf course with blood on her face(!).  The woman told police she had been with Gary Osborn, 73, of La Quinta.

Gary Osborn

More from The Desert Sun:

 Around that time, PGA West security guards found Osborn passed out on a lawn outside a home in the 55-200 block of Big Spring, officials said.

He was next to a golf cart that crashed into a tree and investigators discovered the home’s golf cart garage also had damage, according to the sheriff’s department.

The woman (who was not named) was not injured, though no one ever explained why she had blood all over her face, and Osborn was arrested on DUI suspicion.

Neither Osborn or the woman lived at the home, so surely one snowbird in Canada got a hell of a call from the sheriff’s department this morning.