People are using Coca-Cola to get fake tans and, wait, wtf?

In a quest for the perfect tan, people have now turned to applying gross, sticky soda all over their bodies. I wish I was joking here, but I am not. The world is a really weird place nowadays.

Via Allure:

The technique, which involves applying Coca-Cola — as in the soft drink — to one’s entire body just like a tanning oil before heading outdoors, is said to give users a deep tan. This is due to the fact that the soda contains a caramel dye, which when applied to the skin, can give it that coveted characteristically bronzed tone. Unfortunately, the dangerous “trend,” which originally gained traction in the U.K. last year, is still prevalent now that temps are rising and people are spending their summer at the beach.

The magazine checked in with a dermatologist who explained that not only is this freakin’ odd, but actually can be dangerous – as soda is acidic and could exfoliate dead cells and enhance the ability of UV light to penetrate into the skin.  This would, in the end, give you a bad sunburn.

So this summer, be sure to keep the soda where it belongs: in your slushy or mixed together with some ice and Jack Daniels and not all over your skin.