People are very confused about just what in the hell KESQ is doing

Last week, KESQ announced staff cuts and a plan to simulcast their news after blowing up Local 2. They made their on-air staff read a ransom note-like message proclaiming it was a good thing, because, sure, *wink*. A few days into their new plan, viewers seem pretty confused about just what in the hell the station is doing.

A Cactus Hugs tipster, with an eye on the local Facebook groups (that mostly block Cactus Hugs), sent us in this post from someone who, understandably is pretty freakin’ confused.

Yup, even Spectrum, who you think KESQ would’ve alerted to what is happening, has no idea just what in the hell they are doing

Perhaps they can go “in-depth” on that with one of their “I-Team”?…”Eye-Team”?…”Aye-Team”?  investigations soon.

(h/t Greg)