Your mailbox is about to have a little less junk mail as The Pennysaver has called it quits.

The newsletter that you have been immediately throwing away for years closed up shop Friday, according to The LA Times. They also did it in the most dickish way possible.

“They said, ‘That’s it. We’re done. We’re closing. Everybody pack up your things and leave,’” said one employee, who asked that her name not be published because she was unauthorized by the company to talk to the news media.

Employees said they were not given their final paychecks and were not told how to extend their healthcare coverage.

The CEO of PennySaver, Ronald Myers, said in a statement Sunday that the company was forced to cease operations after its lender “unexpectedly ceased our funding.”

Hundreds of people immediately lost their jobs.  The recently dismissed employees gathered outside of the company’s Brea headquarters on Saturday to voice the displeasure with how the company handled the closing.

“They just are chopping us into pieces and they don’t care, I feel like you’re a little cockroach, just go home, pack your stuff and go,” Ivette Mastronardi told KCBS.

Redlands based attorney Richard McCune is investigating if PennySaver broke any laws by going out of business without giving employees proper notice.

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