PEEPS Flavored Milk Anyone?

peep milk

peep milk

Oh joy…you can now drink milk that tastes like the second worst holiday-themed candy on the planet (yeah, you are still on top of the Gross List candy corn) as PEEP-flavored milk is hitting store shelves this year.

Labeling the dairy infusion “twice the Easter fun,” Prairie Farms will offer “Chocolate Marshmallow,” “Marshmallow” and “Easter Egg Nog” (?) flavors.

According to the press release announcing the partnership, the company predicts the “tasty collaboration will bring Spring to life in the dairy department with twice the Easter fun.” Riiiiight.

Luckily, PEEP milk will not be sold anywhere near SoCal – as it is only available in IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, MS, TN, SE WI, E IOWA and SW OH.