If you have been doing any shopping lately, you may be due to get some money back!

You have probably seen those price-matching and purchase protection guarantees from stores like Target, Amazon, Macys, Apple, and Best Buy, but you are busy and don’t have time to research everyday if that HDTV you just bought has gone down in price. And, even if you do, no one is ever really clear about how to go about contacting the store to get that money you are due. That’s where Paribus comes in.

Paribus tracks your purchases and, if something you bought is eligible for money back, will actually contact customer service on your behalf and get you that coin. You don’t have to do a thing.

And while that is pretty remarkable, you do forego a bit of privacy. In order to track your purchases, you will need to give Paribus access to your emails, which they scan for receipts (and only receipts according to their website).


You will also need to give them your credit card info, as they take 25 % of the fees they get back for you – not too bad, seeing as how it is likely found money anyway. There are also ways you can pay a smaller fee like referring a friend and posting about the service on Facebook.

You can sign up for the service, which is free, here.   And you can see all the stores they will try to get your money back from here.

Note: this page contains affiliate links and, should you sign up, Cactus Hugs might get a small fee.