Parents finally figure out the perfect Christmas gift for teachers


It’s that of year again where you spend a couple bucks on a Starbucks gift card to give to your kid’s teacher in hopes that they give your kid a passing grade so they can, fingers crossed, graduate, get a job, and, eventually, get the hell out of your damn house. And while a latte is a nice gift, the parents of this kid have figured out what teachers really want.

Yes.  Those are bottles of wine with a label that reads, “Our Child might be the reason you drink. Sp enjoy this bottle on us.”  Finally, the perfect present for teachers.

Okay, sure, drinking wine out of a bottle with one of your student’s face on it might seem a little weird, so just dump it in a decanter or something – then have a glass or four and figure out a way to give that kid a “C” on his final.

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