Panda Express Gets Cheap, Changes an Ingredient in Its Fried Rice

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The fried rice at Panda Express has been a bit different lately.

The avian flu that is sending egg prices soaring has led the fast food chain to replace the egg normally found in its fried rice…with corn.

Panda Express addressed the recipe change in a statement to CBS San Francisco:

The industry egg shortage happened quickly and we worked diligently to create a new recipe and inform our guests as soon as we could. As of June 25, all our stores have switched over to the new fried rice recipe and should have a sign displayed at the start of our line informing guests of the change.

The chain also said the menu change could last up to two years.

Naturally, customers are thrilled about the change:

And Panda Express is not the only chain making changes because of higher priced eggs.

Rita’s decision to replace custard with soft serve has also not been much of a hit with customers:

What do you think?  Are you cool with the changes or would you pay a bit more to have a little egg in your rice and custard?