Palm Springs will take their sweet ass time considering Bird Scooters


Palm Springs – a city that is always the last to embrace anything new or, well, anything – appears to have a plan to make sure that those Bird Scooters that popped up in Palm Springs last week do not reappear anytime soon: take their sweet ass time talking about it.

Extremely well compensated city manager David Ready told the Desert Sun that council members were dissatisfied with how the company left the scooters in downtown Palm Springs without telling city officials and now, well, now the city will do basically nothing about it for as long as they can.

With e-scooters off the streets, Palm Springs plans to get input from residents and downtown merchants before crafting scooter regulations.

“It’s at least a couple month process,” Ready said.

Last week, City Attorney Ed Kotkin said the scooters wouldn’t be allowed until the community had a chance to share their views on e-scooters.

As Palm Springs seems to not embrace anything that isn’t a hideous giant baby or without the Wessman name attached, it’s really not a shock that Bird dropped off the scooters without telling the city, which at least gave residents a chance to see what they were all about for a few days so they might come out in support rather than only having the council hearing from the “never change a thing” curmudgeon crowd that typically frequent city council meetings.


  1. If you have a problem with the crowd of mostly residents who show up to city council meetings and exercise their right to speak, and ultimately the decisions the council makes, maybe you should go to a meeting yourself and take some of your friends. I’ve attended the last two meetings and haven’t seen you speak.

    For any city, especially one of its size, Palm Springs has an incredibly progressive city council. Is there any other city council in the country that’s all LGBT? There are discussions at city council meetings on issues of gun control and homelessness that many cities wouldn’t touch. I’m not happy with some of the decisions that city council makes, but I’ve spoken before the council when I’ve felt strongly about an issue one way or the other. There’s no cause to mock the people who feel involved enough to attend council meetings.

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