Palm Springs will spend $5.5 million to turn Indian Canyon into a 2-way road

Big changes hardly anyone was asking for are coming to Indian Canyon Drive in Palm Springs at a cost of $5.5 million.

The city will begin converting a two mile stretch of the road through downtown Palm Springs from four lanes that currently allow for an easy flow of traffic heading northbound to a more congested mess consisting of two northbound lanes, one southbound lane, and a turn lane between East Camino Parocela and Alejo Road, notes KMIR.

Palm Springs Mayor Pro Tem J.R. Roberts told the TV station that about half a million dollars for the project will come from the city’s Measure J fund sales tax increase with the remaining $5 million coming from state gas tax grants.  Now sure, that sounds like a lot of money to make traffic totally shitty and could probably have been better spend on literally anything else – but, Palm Springs just can’t stop being Palm Springs.

According to KESQ, the reason for the conversion, which the city has been looking to do for years now, is to reduce congestion downtown, especially for those couple of hours a week when Palm Canyon drive is closed for street fairs or the even rarer times it’s closed for parades.


  1. At first I agreed with you, not a great idea. But now I am getting excited about the idea as part of the traffic changes the city has been making to end our status as a drive-through community of yucca valley, dhs and banning commuters. YAY. There are a couple things I don’t like about the new flow changes on our roads, and one of the issues sticks out like a sore thumb…that of making full lanes bike lanes on our streets…stupid, stupid, stupid, and DANGEROUS.

  2. Believe it or not, most full lanes ARE bike lanes, as the law does not require bicyclists to ride all the way to the right under most circumstances. Cyclists riding all the way to the right encourages unsafe passing instead of changing lanes to pass when lanes are not wide enough to share. Signage and markings advising cyclists can use a full lane does not afford the cyclists any more right to the road, it simply lets motor vehicle users to expect it and not be angry with cyclists who ride defensively. What I am saying is I disagree with the final statement in your comment. Palm Springs has done a lot to further the issue of safely cycling in our community. Kudos to them for doing it despite all of the whining.

  3. Nice. Great information. I live in the via Escuela area near Caballeros and have experienced drivers too close to me on many occasions….regardless of the law and signs…so my point was just from experience. The law and concepts surrounding it are sound, but how do motorists respond?

  4. Sounds like it will create congestion and confusion — but there must be some bright side… for the Mayor-Pro-Tem… from what I’ve seen he’s all about his own personal desires…

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