Palm Springs will finally allow Uber and Lyft to pick you up at the airport

For years, travelers flying into the Palm Springs International Airport have had to walk out to El Cielo in order to do what people pretty much everywhere else in the country can do: have a Lyft or Uber pick you up at the damn airport. But, those days are over.

The city council finally…FINALLY!…voted to allow ride-sharing services to pick up people at PSP, reports KESQ.

Council member Christie Holstege, who reintroduced this agenda item that was voted on by the previous council, said that argument is red herring especially since ride-sharing services can be used throughout the rest of the city and said the airport needs to get with the 21st century.

The vote was unanimous, according to KMIR.

The council admitted during the meeting that they were the last city in California to allow Uber and Lyft pickups which pretty much sums up all that is Palm Springs city management.

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