Palm Springs Tram Guards Are Packing Heat

tram 2

The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway has a couple of changes you may notice next time you visit:

  1. a new kiosk, soon to be used to gouge you for parking
  2. armed guards!

The Desert Sun reports on why the guards at The Tramway are packing heat:

A reader told The Desert Sun this week that a guard was armed with a gun and she learned it was because they will be carrying money…

…Rob Parkins, the Tramway’s general manager, said the Tram began using the guards more than a year ago as a precaution to protect the facility’s guests and finances.

Indeed, you certainly have to do all that you can to protect all that newfound parking fee gold – because we all know, the average Palm Springs resident can be very, very dangerous.


(Top image via Prayitno / CC)

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