Palm Springs Time Machine | Info on the Netflix ‘Stay Here’ home

Stay Here (Netflix)

The Netflix show Stay Here has designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer help property owners transform their short-term rental properties in places like Seattle, Brooklyn, Austin, and even the Coachella Valley. Episode 7 of the series, entitled “Palm Springs Time Machine,” has Gorder and Lorimer tackle a desert home that seems stuck in 1970. Here are details on the show, the home, where you can book it, and other places the episode was filmed.

Stay Here – Palm Springs Time Machine Episode Recap

The Palm Springs home before its transformation

The home is very, very, very 1970s – with much of it not being changed in over 40 years.
Homeowners Ryan and Jess (the episode gives no last names) grabbed the house for $800,000.  Ryan and Jess love that the house is a throwback and they want to keep it that way, but would also like to add a few new touches, fix up the terrible kitchen, and transform the front yard area.

The new kitchen from the Netflix Stay Here episode filmed in Palm Springs

The owners are first reluctant to rent out their home, for fear that Axl Rose is going to trash it, but they are reassured over steaks that everything is going to be fine and $1,000 a night seems like a good price – especially since booking just five nights will pay their monthly expense and then some.

The transformed front yard from Stay Here’s Palm Springs episode

During the course of the “Palm Springs Time Machine” episode, Gorder and Lorimer are able to fix up the home by putting in a whole new kitchen, planting oh so many ficus trees, and adding new technology like state-of-the-art WiFi and noise monitors.

Where They Went in Palm Springs

The Netflix Stay Here episode sees Gorder, Lordimer, and owners Ryan and Jess make a few stops around Palm Springs.  Here’s where they went:

LULU California Bistro

The episode begins with Gorder and Lordimer dining on the patio of LULU California Bistro in downtown Palm Springs.

LULU California Bistro, 200 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, (760) 327-5858

Grace Home

The Stay Here hosts and owners head to grace home in the uptown design district of Palm Springs to shop for modern furniture and decor.  They also spend a good amount of time appreciating an old-school photo of a Palm Springs pool party at the store that doesn’t believe in putting capital letters on their sign.

Grace Home Furnishings, 1001 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, (760) 904-6337

Mr. Lyons

Mr Lyons Streakhouse in Palm Springs

A table for five is set at the steakhouse for Gorder, Lordimer, Ryan, Jess, and Mike (no last name given) who represents Acme House Company, a Palm Springs vacation home rental company – who is stoked about how preserved the home is.  He reassures the homeowners that there probably won’t be any problems renting their place out as people who rent it watch a video and a concierge meets them when they check in to make sure they are who they say they are.  Mike also says that the company has had just two issues with rentals but nothing at “armageddon” level.

Mr. Lyons Steakhouse, 233 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, (760) 327-1551

Where is this house?

The home is in the Twin Palms Neighborhood of Palm Springs and is located at 2055 South Joshua Tree Place.

And, since I know you want to check, Google Maps doesn’t have an updated pic of the place.  But, you can see what it looked like in 2014:

(Google Maps)

How Do I Rent the Home?

Stay Here (Netflix)

Ahh yes, the whole reason you came to this post – because you want to party like it’s 1969.  Well, here’s the deal:

The home is available on airbnb – with it listed starting at $1,100 per night.  The place sleeps up to six people in three bedrooms.  The Palm Springs Time Machine policies do not allow for pets, parties, or smoking.  Guests may be charged up to a grand for any damage.

Check out the Airbnb listing here.

Update 2/21/19: The Airbnb listing for the Palm Springs Time Machine has been up and down over the last few months and I am really not sure what the deal is.  As of this post, it is down once again.  For those looking for a cool place to book in Palm Springs, you can find a list of some good ones here.

Update 2/26: Ahh, this may explain it, the house is up for sale.

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