50 things in Greater Palm Springs to be thankful for

(Photo by Kristen Dolan)

It’s the time of year to give thanks.  So, as we head into Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season, here are 40 things in the Greater Palm Springs area we are very thankful for.

Listed in no particular order:

1) Those amazing Coachella Valley sunsets

2)How happy everyone is at the top of The Cross Hike in Palm Desert

3) Sloane’s insane Bloody Mary

(Instagram / jsredford)

4) The unsung heroes who keep Coachella Valley hiking trails clean and in such great condition.

5) Giraffe feeding time at the Living Desert

6) The tasty slices of pizza at Bill’s Pizza

7) The men and women who put their lives on the line to keep us safe

8) Palm Springs Bitch

9) That moment you see the windmills after a long drive in from LA (that don’t make the town look like a junkyard)

10) Having the biggest and best music festival in the entire world take place in our own backyard

11) The few drivers who can actually park between the lines

Not this guy

12) Tamale boats and nachos at Arriola’s Tortilleria

13) The new covered parking at The River in Rancho Mirage

14) Stuft Pizza’s Happy Hour

14) The Coachella Valley Preserve

15) Locals-only festival ticket sales

16) The super tasty food at Chula

17) The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

(Palm Springs Aerial Tramway / Instagram)

18)  That first night after a long hot summer when you can open the windows of your house and feel like an actual human again

19) Bacon Flights at Cheeky’s

(Instagram / @cheekysps)

20) Keys View on a clear day

Keys View in Joshua Tree (via Flickr)

21) The BNP Paribas Open tennis tourney

22) People who are smart enough to not go hiking on a 120 degree day

23) Dutch crunch bread at The Sandwich spot

Sandwich Spot Palm Springs
A sammy from The Sandwich Spot

24) The hilarity that happens every time it rains

25) Cinnamon rolls at the Date Festival

26) The view of snow-capped mountains after a storm

27) The residents of Candy Cane Lane

28) The plethora of great Happy Hours to choose from

29) Crazy Coyote Tacos

Crazy Coyote Tacos

30) Christmas shopping in flip flops

31) Bootlegger Tiki

32) Palm Springs bringing back the Buzz shuttle

33) Day trips to Idyllwild (and their rad brewpub)

34) The very few times a year your commute doesn’t have road work going on

35) The beauty of Indian Canyons

Murray Canyon Hike in Indian Canyons in Palm Springs

36) Philly cheesesteaks at Alkobar

37) The deliciousness that is TKB Bakery and Deli

38) That moment you see Spotlight 29 after the long boring drive in from Phoenix

39) Stagecoach Festival


40) #DoYouEvenLaQuintaBro

41) Those August days where you basically have Costco to yourself

42) Paul Bar

43) The medical professionals who keep us healthy

44) Palm Desert Jokesters

45) Castendeda’s being open when you are headed home from the bar at 1 am (though everyone sill calls them Santana’s)

46) La Quinta Brewing Even Par IPA

47) Views like this

48) Never having to shovel snow

49) Air conditioning repair people

50) Awesome, amazing, highly attractive people that read and support Cactus Hugs. You are the best and I can’t thank you enough for supporting our website.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!