Palm Springs to take on very important issue: lost shopping carts

A shopping cart
A shopping cart
A shopping cart

Palm Springs – a city facing numerous issues from unaffordable housing to the drought to that whole FBI raid just a few months ago – has decided to take on what they believe is a very important issue: shopping carts.

The City Council will likely consider a bunch of new rules that would punish stores for having their shopping carts removed from their parking lots.

Via Desert Sun:

The new set of rules would require stores to permanently affix signs to each cart “identifying the owner… including name, address, and telephone number,” according to the draft ordinance. The stores would also be required to patrol all streets within two miles of the store every 24 hours to locate and retrieve lost carts. If the city retrieves the cart, the store (any with five or more shopping carts) would need to recover it from the city, and administrative fees, which have not yet been spelled out, may apply.

Naturally, store owners who would have to send their employees out every day to look for shopping carts find the rules to be, in the words of Matt Zack of Jensen’s, “ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.”

Zack pointed out to the newspaper that each cart costs $150 – which is a price that has store owners already worried about getting their carts back.

It sure is a good thing we pay city officials as much as we do for these outstanding ideas.

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