Palm Springs should require vacation rental owners to take drug tests


The Palm Springs City Council held a “study session” Wednesday night where, in addition to roasting snowbirds and revealing shocking Obama news, they discussed vacation rentals with the community. As the council showed last week, they care dearly about the safety of locals and tourists – which is why the council voted to make Uber drivers take a drug tests in order to pick up travelers at the airport – so, by the same logic, shouldn’t they also demand that people renting their homes out to people also get tested?

“We have a responsibility as a council for many things. And one of the key responsibilities is keeping our citizens safe,” Councilwoman Ginny Foat said shortly before the council voted 4 to 1 to require ride-share drivers to take and pay for random drug testing.

But I guess that responsibility to “keeping our citizens safe” with a bunch of regulations only applies to cars, as the Desert Sun notes, Foat was singing a very different tune Wednesday night when it came to vacation home rentals:

Councilwoman Ginny Foat seemed to be the most skeptical of placing too many restrictions or rules on the vacation rentals industry, adding the majority of homes are well-managed and do not cause disturbances.

“We need to really look at it,” Foat said of the vacation rentals issue.

“We can’t just put all of these together in one ‘basket of deplorables,'” She added.

Well, you can, Ginny – just as long as they drive for Uber or Lyft.