Here’s who’s coming to the Palm Springs Rich People Prom

The Palm Springs Rich People Prom, which its promoters call the Palm Springs International Film Festival Gala, is coming to the Palm Springs Convention Center on Thursday, January 3, 2019. So who are those who can afford to buy a ticket to the pricey event (that once honored Mariah Carey with an acting award) so they can say they were in the same room as people who are in the movies going to be seeing this year? Let’s check in.

  • Melissa McCarthy will receive the Spotlight Award for Can You Ever Forgive Me? 
  • Rami Malek will get the Breakthrough Performance Award for Bohemian Rhapsody 
  • Glenn Close will take home the Icon Award for The Wife

More names will be likely be announced over the next couple of weeks and those actors and actresses will get a chance to get hit on, insulted, or improperly touched by the local media on the red carpet before hanging out in a room full of Palm Springs wealthiest people and politicians in hopes that all this helps promote their movie and that maybe the 30 seconds the coverage on Entertainment Tonight helps gets them get an Oscar nomination.

The Rich People Prom is made possible thanks in part to a $350,000 donation in materials, supplies, and services from the City of Palm Springs – or about the same price as what it costs to run the Buzz Shuttle for an entire year.