Palm Springs Restaurant Employee Arrested After Attempting to Burn the Place Down!


Okay, let’s just start by saying arson is a crime.  You cannot burn down a building no matter what the circumstances, even if your job and your boss and your customers are really, really shitty.  That said, there is not a person out there that has not at least thought about burning their awful workplace to the ground! The thing is, we never actually do it…well except an employee of Twin Palms Bistro & Lounge who was arrested Thursday.

Pat Daltroff, the owner of Twin Palms Bistro & Lounge, contacted KESQ on Friday to let them know that one of his workers went pyro on Thursday night:

Daltroff said he smelled gasoline in the kitchen around 6:45 p.m. and realized the scent was coming from the roof of the restaurant. He found out an employee had poured five gallons of gas on the roof and it started to catch fire.

Daltroff told his staff to clear the 100 customers out of the bistro and then he went back to the roof with a fire extinguisher to put the fire out.

According to Daltroff, the employee was arrested for arson on Friday. He also said Twin Palms Bistro and Lounge is temporarily closed for cleanup but expects it to reopen soon.

So yes, while fantasizing about burning your shitty workplace is normal…actually doing it is a crime.  Maybe instead, you can just look for a job that is not quite as shitty?  Just a suggestion.