Palm Springs resident is ‘VERY ALARMED’ at the sex happening in the community pool


The Desert Sun is out with a story about a Palm Springs resident witnessing a round of afternoon delight in their condo community’s pool.

The incident happened in Saddlerock Estates about 3:40 pm Monday. In traditional Palm Springs fashion, the witness immediately posted about the incident on NextDoor:

“We were alarmed to find two trespassers in the pool outside our home,” she wrote. “We noticed peculiar noises at first and thought nothing of it, but became increasingly concerned by their behavior and realizing they did not live here. Upon further inspection we were VERY ALARMED to see what they were up to in our pool.”

The woman said her husband confronted the couple, but the man became aggressive and could use the pool “when he wanted.”

A police report was not taken because the couple was not there when police arrived.


  1. same thing happened at our complex (probably same couple, sounds like the same belligerent man), we did call the police and file a report, but the police would not do anything. I’m pretty sure this couple knows that they can go on private property and do what they want and the police won’t do anything.

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