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Palm Springs Library is getting rid of late fines

Palm Springs Library is getting rid of late fines

Remember how you forgot to return that copy of John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief to the Palm Springs Library way back in 2002? Well, all is forgiven.

The library is is going “fine free” according to a media release. All they want is for you to bring back your damn overdue books already.

“Our goal is to make sure patrons can enjoy all the books and services the library has to offer,” said Jeannie Kays, City Librarian and Director of Library Services, “Overdue fines can prevent some patrons, especially children, from checking out books and other materials from the library. The public library should be an accessible learning portal to children and adults. Currently, 12 percent of PSPL adult accounts are blocked with overdue fines and 21 percent of children’s accounts are blocked. We want to encourage patrons to bring items back, unblock their accounts, and use the library once again!”

How can the place live without fines?  Well, overdue fines make up less than one percent of the library’s operating budget – so it makes sense to ditch them, plus they just bought those super expensive chairs, so, clearly, they are not hurting for money.

But here’s the thing, while previous overdue fines will be forgiven, but lost item fees still apply, so just return The Pelican Brief already!! The library will also still charge for replacement and out-of-state library cards, printing, and material replacement costs.