Palm Springs to host State of the City and a block party at scandal ridden development


The city of Palm Springs has chosen the perfect way to show the city’s residents that the only thing that really matters to the city is rich developers.

The Desert Sun reports that the State of the City, which is normally held in May, will instead be held in September – which just so happens to be when the scandal ridden downtown development should be pretty much finished. The Mayor will give a speech downtown (in which he will probably mention Cactus Hugs again) and that will be followed by some sort of block party organized by the Chamber of Commerce.

“This is going to be called the ‘grand opening of the new downtown,’” the mayor told the newspaper. “It’s not going to be the ‘Kimpton opening.’ It’s the new downtown. We’re going to cut a ribbon on the street down there. And we’re going to bury a time capsule.”

A time capsule you say?  Hmmm, well hopefully the city includes photos of the FBI raid on City Hall and copies of the indictments against the former Palm Springs Mayor and those two developers in it.


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