Palm Springs has ordered its golf courses to shut down

Despite the fact that only “essential” businesses are supposed to be open in Palm Springs during the COVID-19 pandemic, some golf courses have remained open – because, sure, restaurant dining rooms have to close, but some out their need to work on their short game during these scary times, I suppose. But, that’s now allowed anymore, as Palm Springs has ordered to shut down its golf courses immediately.

Via the Desert Sun:

All golf courses in Palm Springs have been ordered to shut down in an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus, the city announced Tuesday afternoon.


City Manager David Ready issued a directive to also shut down certain park facilities, including playground equipment and athletic courts. Also prohibited is the use of ball fields by groups, according to a city news release.

And while Palm Springs will see its golf courses closed for the foreseeable future, there are still a few open elsewhere in the desert, because “shelter in place, unless you can get a tee time” is what I am sure the Governor must’ve said at some point.

The move came basically at the same time that the city of La Quinta closed all of its parks.  The city of Palm Springs has not closed its parks, but that people maintain social distancing of 6 feet with the same going for the city’s hiking trails.

As for your grandpa’s short game, just get hime one of these for now.