Palm Springs Dude Will Pay for Your “Well Worn Panties”

By: Silkyside
By: Silkyside

The Holiday Shopping Season is here – and if you are looking for a way to raise that extra money you will need to make sure Jesus does not cry about the awful gift you give to your friends and family, then look no further than Craigslist.

A posting from a 34-year-old fella from “desert” to the Palm Springs “Personals” section may just be your ticket to some extra money or even some new skivvies…


Craigslist Panties

The listing reads:

Hello, I’m looking to buy some well worn panties. I prefer satin, boy shorts, or bikini cut… lace or thongs please. Please be local. I will happily replace them with anything you may want.

Sounds totally legit and not creepy at all – just, please,  do not be an idiot and try to pawn off your lace or thongs on this guy.