8 things you wish other drivers would do on Coachella Valley roads

Driving along Highway 111, Washington, Gene Autry, or any Coachella Valley street would be so much better…if only other drivers would do these 8 things:

1) Stop at 4-way stops

There are rules to go by should a driver arrive at a 4-way stop – and none of them are for someone to just roll right through it without looking. This even applies to El Paseo.  No, seriously it does.

2) Park correctly


Is it that nobody tries to pull their car in between the lines…or just that no one cares?

3) Use turn signals

Car manufacturers are kind enough to install these little doohickeys that actually alert everyone around a driver what their intentions might be on the roadways.  They even light up to work at night too…at least we are told, since hardly anyone in The Coachella Valley actually sees them them in use.

4) Leave some things behind


Yup, one rope should hold a couch, love seat, dining room table, 6 chairs, 3 bikes, a lawnmower, 4 mattresses and frames, 2 desks, a washer and dryer, trampoline, and patio furniture set in place on The 10 Freeway just fine.

5) Put the phone down

Here is guessing that the text they are about to be read is not about an imminent national security threat – so it can probably wait until they pull over.

6) Move to the right

Some drivers are not quite as nimble as they once were – we get that.  The Coachella Valley is, after all, God’s waiting room.  But, can they at least do their 25 mph driving in a 55 zone in the far right lane?

7) Leave the dog at home

Man’s best friend does not want to wait in a hot car while their owner shops or grabs brunch.  Not to mention, it gets really hot in there.

8) Admit mistakes

Look, everyone screws up from time to time on the roads (except you, although maybe one day you will…who knows?).   It is much easier to take when someone acknowledges their colossal screw up with a simple wave of “sorry” rather than the more typical sense of entitlement seen by far too many Coachella Valley drivers.

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