The Palm Springs Dream Hotel has the perfect thing if you’re rich and lazy

(Twitter / Christy Holstege)

Tuesday night, Palm Springs leaders and the local media attended a groundbreaking for yet another business in the Coachella Valley that will create one good job (the GM), a few hundred low paying ones, and more TOT dollars that can go towards awesome marketing videos with members of the Saved by the Bell cast. The Dream Hotel Palm Springs is to be built next to the Convention Center, ensuring that the center will never have enough parking for any event held there ever again. The project also announced plans for a unique aspect of the property – and you’re going to like it (if you are rich and incredibly lazy).

In addition to 169 rooms, two restaurants, and a pool, the project will also include 30 condos. And these aren’t just any old condo, oh no.

“If you live in one of the condos you can have room service, you can have the maid service you have access to all the amenities. It’s like living in a hotel,” Lauri Kibby, principal partner and developer with Selene International told KESQ.

It’s the perfect situation for someone who wants to live in a hotel without actually saying they live in a hotel, I suppose.

No word on how much any of these condos will cost – but really, what price wouldn’t you pay to live in an environment constantly filled with loud, drunken, obnoxious tourists?